Stephanie Nichol

  • USY’s Branch Director of HaNegev USY & Kadima

  • Former Chapter President and chair of HaNegev Encampment (LTI)

  • USY Alum

From Stephanie:

USY was my home, it was a safe space and a place that I could be myself. No matter what was going on in my life, my USY family was there to support and guide me. The staff who taught and supported me, the friends who became family. USY has given me memories of a lifetime as a child and as an adult through countless opportunities for travel, professional growth, lifelong friendships and so much more. 

When I started in my current role there had been constant turnover since I had graduated high school and I set a goal for myself that I would be here for 4 years to provide continuity and give back to the organization that gave me so much. Now 18 years later USY is a part of who I am at my core and I only hope I have given USY all that it gave me as a child.

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