As a teen-led organization, teens can run for and be elected to boards, where they acquire leadership skills and learn how to plan and run programming, delegate responsibility and communicate with peers and adults.

International Leadership Team

USY is currently in the process of envisioning how we can create the space for our teens to be even more empowered over their USY experience. During this time we have a group of teens that have volunteered to lead the charge. Click on the link below to learn more about our interim International Leadership Team.

Meet the team here!

Regional Executive Boards

Members of Regional Executive Board represent their region. They are elected at the end of the school year.

Meet the Regional Boards

Chapter Boards

Members of chapter boards represent their local chapter in the synagogue.  They are elected throughout the year.


The USY constitution is the body of governing laws and principles by which USY is run. It was written by USYers, for USYers, and is amended by USYers as deemed appropriate.

Read the International USY Constitution

Leadership Resources

In order to ensure our teen leaders are set up for success USY provides regular training sessions and curates resources for our leaders to learn and grow. You can find a list of them HERE and check back because we are always adding more.