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Tikun Olam Fund

Traditionally Tikun Olam is any act of social justice or charitable giving. In USY, we define it as the concept of donating to tzedakah (charity). USY has a Tikun Olam Fund from which we donate to various Jewish charities in the United States, Israel, and abroad.

Chapters and regions plan specific events and drives in which teens actively raise money for this fund.

Which organizations does the fund support?

Our Tikun Olam Fund supports Jewish causes; many of these benefit non-Jews as well, but they are rooted in Jewish values. Approved tzedakot we support include:

  • Hospitals
  • Orphanages
  • Social service organizations
  • Organizations that provide for development of individual Jewish communities
  • Organizations that support the growth and success of the Conservative Judaism
  • Our global partner organizations
  • USY Summer Experience trips
  • Israel gap-year programs such as Nativ

Click here to see the 2018 fund allocations.

If an organization wants to be considered to receive a Tikun Olam grant, it can fill out the Tikun Olam grant application.

Why does the fund support programs in Israel?

Our commitment to programs in Israel is essential because these immersive travel and study programs help to foster many of the future teachers, rabbis, and Jewish leaders who will one day guide our communities. They also help to cultivate a strong bond with Israel and enthusiasm for Jewish life.

Do teens have a say in allocating the funds?

Each USY chapter and region raises money throughout the year to donate to the fund, so teens have the ability to decide where this money goes.

Chapters and regions can also decide not to give to a specific charity and can send money to the USY office without allocating. In this instance, they will be allocated at an annual meeting in September by a group of elected USYers, including:

  • Regional Presidents
  • Regional SA/TO Vice Presidents
  • SA/TO International General Board

How are funds allocated?

Chapters and regions can choose one or two organizations from the Tikun Olam Allocation form to which to allocate funds.

If a chapter wishes to allocate funds to a local non-Jewish tzedakah, it must write the USY International office for approval. Submissions can be written directly on the Tikun Olam Allocations Form.