Leadership Team

Hi USY! 

My name is Leora Frank and I am so honored to be your International President! One of my goals this year is to remind people why they joined USY in the first place and to reinvigorate everyone’s love for it. I have a lot of love for USY and I look forward to sharing it with all of you! 

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and am a senior in highschool. I represent Congregation Shearith Israel and serve as the Rel/Ed of our USY Chapter. 

I’ve been participating in USY since my freshman year of high school. I have always loved sharing my passion and excitement about Judaism with others and USY was the perfect place to start doing that. Before being elected as President, I was the Rel/Ed of the HaNegev region. I hope to inspire others in becoming leaders of USY. 

In addition to being extremely active in USY, I am very involved in my school’s theater program. I am writing and directing a musical this year! I also love listening to music in my room, doing Muay Thai, hanging out with friends and family, and driving with my windows down. Last summer I went on USY’s Epic Israel Plus program and made amazing friends and memories. 

I am so excited to help be a part of the change in USY this year. I want to meet people from all over the world so please feel free to reach out anytime about anything! 

Leora Frank.

Hey USYers,

My name is Ariel Berger and I’m your International Israel Affairs Vice President! I’m very excited to join this board! I’d really like to unify the entirety of USY and educate everyone about current events in Israel.

I’m in 11th grade from Richmond, Canada. I’m from the Richmond Or Chadash chapter. I go to a non-jewish public school and I enjoy learning about history.

Aside from USY my hobbies are playing and watching hockey (GO RAGS!). I like to spend time with my dog, we go on walks and sometimes we watch tv together. My favourite colour is baby blue and my favourite food is hot wings (Kosher of course). During the summer I go to camp Solomon Schecter which I’ve gone to for 8 years. It’s my home away from home. Until late May in 2023, I was on the TRY Israel semester abroad program.

I’ve been in USY since my freshman year of highschool and I even participated in Atid and Gesher before I was old enough to be a USYer. I’ve always been close with my local synagogue. My family and I have been going since before I was born and now I teach hebrew to elementary school kids there.


I’m always free to chat if you need, Ariel Berger

Shalom USY!

My name is Penina Berger and I am so excited to be your 2023-2024 Religious Education Vice President! I am so excited to work with all of you to create the best year USY has ever seen. My main goal for this year is to help USYers find what Judaism means to them, USY has shown me this and my goal is to help do that for all of you. 

I am a senior in high school (grade 12) and I am from vancouver canada. I am very involved in my chapter, Richmond Or Chadash and am Pinwheel regional president.  

Aside from USY I am involved in MUN for my school along with many other extracurriculars. 

My favorite subject in school is chemistry. Science and USY are my 2 biggest passions all through high school. Though the two could not be more different, they both teach very important lessons about finding who you are. 

I was just a member of USY EPIC Eastern Europe/ Israel 2023! Even though this was not my first time in Israel This program changed my life. This program was an amazing way to wrap up my USY years and I will talk about it to anyone who asks (or doesn’t):) 

USY has been such a big part of my life and my jewish identity for the past 4 years. USY has shown me how to be jewish in my own way, and how to interpret Judaism in a way that makes sense. I hope that this amazing organization can do the same for all of you.   

Please feel free to reach out!

Penina Berger (She/Her)


My name is Ophir Filhart and I’m super excited to be your 23-24 Social Action Tikkun Olam vice president! I’m looking forward to an amazing year with USY. My main goal for this year 

I’m a junior in high school from Edison, New Jersey. 

I’m president of my chapter, EBUSY (East Brunswick USY). I’m also memprog for my region, Hagalil. Other than USY, I’m a part of many extracurriculars such as my schools varsity tennis team. 

This summer I went to Israel with USY on Epic Israel+ 23, and had an amazing time. Even though I have been to Israel before, this trip was different. If your thinking of going to Israel USY feel free to reach out to me. 

I joined USY my freshman year and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. USY has shaped me into who I am today, and I hope it was do the same for you! Feel free to reach out about anything!

Ophir Filhart (he/him)

Shalom USY!

My name is Emma Hait (she/her) and I’m so excited to be your International Communications Vice President for the 2023-2024 term! I cannot wait to work with USYers from all over the country to spread ruach and strengthen our amazing Jewish community. My goal is to bring USYers together to make memories and showcase to the world everything USY has to offer.

I am from Easton, Massachusetts and I am a senior in high school. Apart from USY, I am very active in my school’s Jewish Affinity group, mock trial team, volunteer club, and environmental action club! I also play field hockey and have been in a few musicals and plays. In school, my favorite classes are economics and history. The two subjects are very intertwined, and I love finding connections between them!  I also love traveling. I have been on multiple teen trips to Israel, including USY’s Epic Israel trip in 2021! Aside from this role in USY, I am currently serving as a member of the Vision Team, President of the South Area USY chapter, and Communications Vice President of the HaNer region!

I have actively participated in USY since the summer before my freshman year. I always try my best to make events as welcoming as possible for everyone, because I have made some of my best friends through USY. Being a part of USY has played a huge role in building my connection to Judaism, and I hope to help do that for other kids! I believe that a great way to connect people to USY is through social platforms and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be able to help in this process. I am always available if anyone needs anything, or if you’d just like to chat! Please feel free to reach out! I always love meeting new people! 🙂

Emma Hait


My name is Sarah Berk and I am beyond excited to be your 2023-2024 International Outreach Vice President! When I was in 3rd Grade I attended my first Kadima event and ever since then USY has become a second home to me. I believe that USY should be a place where everyone feels valued and included, no matter their background, interests or level of involvement. That’s why my main goal is to build an even stronger USY community. 

I am from Stamford, Connecticut and am a senior in highschool. For the past few years I have been an active board member of my region, HaNer USY, serving as the Membership Kadima Vice President for the past 2 years and currently serving as the HaNer President! 

In addition to USY, I am an active member of my school’s Israel and Political discussions club as well as an active writer for my school’s newspaper. I also play tennis in and outside of school. 

As someone who has grown up within USY, I understand the importance of mentorship and leadership development in developing young leaders. That is why I believe it is so important to create relationships with as many young leaders as possible. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime!! 

Sarah Berk