Josh Ehrlich

  • Lyricist, Arranger, Accompanist, Music Director, and Music Educator

  • Off-Broadway Composer, The Imbible: Day Drinking

  • Composer, The Choral Torah: Five Books in Four Parts

  • USY Alum

A Note from Josh:

When I was in high school, I would come home from USY shabbatonim dazzled by how delightfully eventful 48 hours could feel. These weekends were filled to the brim with socializing, dining, praying, dancing, learning, and—perhaps most of all—rousing communal singing. It was this same vision for a block of time marked by focused community-building and creativity that inspired me, some twenty years later, to dedicate the Jewish year 5779 to composing choral settings of Torah. I spent every free moment I had that year participating in Jewish singing spaces—environments reminiscent of my USY experiences—so as to fill my head with song and sustain the creative flow.


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