Paul Milgrom

  • 2020 Nobel Prize Recipient
  • Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Department of Economics, Stanford University

  • USY Alum

A Note From Paul:

You know how hard it is to be a teenager.
In high school, I was quiet and an introvert, and I found my best social connections through USY. USY helped me overcome my shyness, and made my teenage life much easier. Thanks to USY, I can now walk in anywhere and find a community to fit in.
And beyond that, USY changed the nature of my Jewish identity. Growing up, a lot of Judaism was defined negatively to me (e.g. “Being Jewish is NOT having a Christmas tree”). USY was the first place that helped me define my Judaism positively, where I could experience the beauty of a Shabbat dinner, a ritual I do with my family through this day, often with friends of other faiths in attendance. 
USY empowers thousands of Jewish teenagers through creating exceptional Jewish experiences, yet it can do so much more than that. Please consider making a contribution to USY’s annual campaign to ensure that USY has the resources to operate, staff, and expand its programs throughout the Jewish world.

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