Judah Ari Gross

  • Military Correspondent, The Times of Israel
  • Former HaGesher Regional Israel Affairs Vice-President
  • Nativ 27 Alum

A Note from Ari:

USY and Nativ make the best case for Conservative Judaism.   

USY and Nativ give teenagers an opportunity to experience and engage with a Conservative Judaism that is joyous and as rich and deep as they want to explore. Regardless of their religious background, all participants have the ability to learn more about their religion and their history. They are great equalizers, putting teenagers who don’t come with a strong Jewish educational basis on the same playing field as those who go to Jewish day school or come from more religious families, giving them all opportunities to learn about and experience Conservative Judaism.

High school students need ambitious projects and adults who want to help them carry them out, and USY provides those opportunities for them. For teenagers with an idea, USY encourages them to take initiative and get involved within the organization and within their wider communities.

USY empowers thousands of Jewish teenagers through creating exceptional Jewish experiences and allowing them to create their own exceptional Jewish experiences, yet it can do so much more than that. Please consider making a contribution to USY’s annual campaign to ensure that USY has the resources to operate, staff, and expand it’s programs throughout the Jewish world.


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