Matthew Halpern

  • Executive Director of Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus
  • Serve on the Executive Committees of NAASE and Maccabi USA

  • USY Alum

From Matthew:

In our synagogue, being part of Kadima and USY was integral to our Jewish experience … it’s just what we did. I also benefited from growing up in a home rooted in and committed to Conservative Judaism and attended day school through 8th grade. USY was reinforcement of what I was learning and living as a Jew and as an American, and that influence continues to this day through the choices I make in my private and professional life (see above … lots of Jewish involvement happening every day). When I graduated high school, there was no question I would come back on staff and “pay it forward” to help foster for others the same experiences I had while in USY. During the past 25 years, I have learned from incredible mentors who are my family — whether they were my fellow staff or my USYers — and I hope I was able to teach them a few things along the way. 

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