Stefanie Misler Williams

  • Stefanie Misler WilliamsJewish Educator
  • Former KCUSY Youth Director
  • Former EMTZA Interim Regional Director
  • Executive Director, Beth Shalom in Overland Park, Kansas

About Stefanie:

Stefanie Misler Williams has worked in the field of Jewish education for over 20 years. Her interest in Jewish education greatly increased while she was in high school and a student of Congregation Beth Shalom. She became the KCUSY Youth Director in 1999 and was the Director of Informal Education and Youth Activities/Programming for Congregation Beth Shalom in Overland Park, Kansas for the past two decades.    

As a youth group director, Stefanie‚Äôs main task was to provide leadership development for the Kansas City Chapter of United Synagogue Youth (USY) as well as providing programming for 3rd-12th graders within the Kansas City Jewish Community who are affiliated with USY. Much of this programming included social, cultural, religious, community service, fundraising, and overall fun activities. Stefanie sought to bring teenagers together around organized activities that promote learning, fellowship, leadership, and responsibility. Her goals also included a better understanding of conservative Judaism, involvement in the synagogue and community at large, as well as incorporating how to live a Jewish life in the secular world. 

Stefanie served as Interim Regional Director several times during her years as youth director, once for the whole year! She stepped in because she wanted EMTZA Region to remain as uniquely EMTZA as possible and took great joy in working with the leaders of tomorrow. 

“Working with EMTZA for over two decades has been an unparalleled gift. The connections and interactions with the youth, their families, and my colleagues have shaped the way I look at the world and have directly impacted the person I am today. I am beyond lucky to have had this front row seat to the leadership of tomorrow and grateful for the lifelong friendships that were created.”

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