Linda Ripps

  • Director of Administration at the Academy for Jewish Religion

  • Established PJ Library programs in two communities and ran senior adult programming at a JCC

  • USY Alum

From Linda:

USY was where teens just a few years older than me, and staff just a little older than that, taught me how to plan a program, run a meeting, research and write source material, and lead a sicha.  It was where I learned the importance of icebreakers, how to lead ruach, and how to design craft projects for chugim that teens would actually want to take home.

After taking a few years off as I moved around the country I was lucky enough to move back to New Jersey and come back to Hagalil as an educator and as an advisor.  My three children grew up coming with me to regional kinusim and encampment until each of them joined first Kadima and then USY where they played leadership roles, and went on to staff regional events (with me!) and international summer programs.  

Now as a senior Hagalil staff member, I am fortunate to learn as much from newer staff, as I hope they are able to learn from me.  I look forward to when we can all be together again in person working to create special experiences for today’s USYers.

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