Aidan Golub

Aidan Golub

  • Executive Director, The Israel Summit

  • Ronald S. Lauder Fellow at the World Jewish Congress

  • Electical Engineering Major, Harvard University

  • USY Alum

A Note from Aidan:

I really grew up in USY.

While I never had an official leadership position, USY gave me the opportunity to be a different kind of leader, a leader without a title. Oftentimes, the leader without the title has the most interesting job, the liberty of being an outsider who can view things critically, while still being empowered to be involved. And because of my experience with USY, I felt a responsibility to act and get involved, especially when it came to Israel activism.

As a high school student, I had heard stories about Israel on campus, and when I arrived at Harvard University I wanted to take my stand and help create joy around the State of Israel. The Israel Summit is an international movement dedicated to shifting the conversation surrounding Israel on college campuses across the globe. As the summit’s Executive Director, my team and I engaged over 2,000,000 people worldwide this past February. On a college campus, Israel is reduced too often to just the conflict and our summit shifts the conversation to help others learn about how Israel bursts with creativity and innovation.

My leadership of the Israel Summit is a direct outgrowth of how USY taught me to be proud of my Judaism, and made me an extended Israeli. USY’s special community empowers teenagers to lead programming and hone leadership skills that allow us to help us set the agenda for the Jewish community.

USY empowers thousands of Jewish teenagers to create exceptional Jewish experiences, yet it can do so much more than that. Please consider making a contribution to USY’s annual campaign to ensure that USY has the resources to operate, staff, and expand its programs throughout the Jewish world.

Kol tuv,

Aidan Golub

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