Amy Zeide

A Note from Amy:

USY was one of the most formative experiences in my life as a teen. I went to a school without any Jewish peers so my community and social life revolved around USY. Having Billy Planer as our advisor was such an incredible opportunity and constant learning experience about myself, life outside of my “bubble,” and my Jewish identity. The friends I made in USY and on USY on Wheels, are still my closest friends today. In fact, Dara Grant, a fellow Chai USYer is now my co-executive director, and Tara Kornblum, a fellow USYer from another region is our program director. In addition, it is because of USY that Amy’s Holiday Party (my bat mitzvah project that later became CCC) was able to continue when I left for college. My chapter took over the program for a number of years and made sure it survived and thrived in my absence. The relationships I had, the lessons I learned, and the way USY impacted the organization I now lead has stayed with me my whole life and has continued to influence me in countless ways. 

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