Julie Cohen

  • Jewish Fertility Foundation City Manager, Birmingham, AL
  • Speech-Language
    Pathologist in clinical and school settings
  • USY Alum

A Note from Julie:

USY had such a positive impact on my life. The biggest thing it instilled in me was a great sense of pride in being Jewish. I grew up living in an area where being Jewish didn’t feel like a minority. I moved to the South in 2004 to attend Vanderbilt University, and there was no question in my mind I would continue to be active in the Jewish community in Nashville. I immediately became involved in Vanderbilt Hillel, serving as Treasurer and later as President.

Now as an adult, my boys attend Jewish preschool and my family is involved in our local synagogue and Chabad. USY gave me confidence and community. My husband and I want to raise our kids to be proud of their Jewish identity. I hope when they are older they will become involved in USY and share some of the great experiences I had.

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