Davening in the Dark Shacharit

Program Category: Religion/Education

Davening in the Dark Shacharit

Exploring Without the Eyes
Prepared by Ethan Feuer (Regional President '15-'16, METNY)

Discussion Shacharit

Prayer through Deep Meaningful Conversations
Prepared by Jared Rogers (USY International Rel/Ed VP 2017, METNY)

Disney Sing-Along Songs Shacharit

Prayer through Disney Songs
Prepared by Emily Mostow (Rel/Ed VP ‘09-’10, CRUSY)

Dive Into Decades Shacharit

Connecting Prayers to Historical Musical Eras
Prepared by N/A (, None)

HaNegev Go

Prepared by Alan Imar & Ethan Lieberman (Rel/Ed RGB 2017, Hanegev)