Dive Into Decades Shacharit

Connecting Prayers to Historical Musical Eras

Prepared by N/A (, None)

Program Overview

Prayer/Tefila, Religion/Education




Medium-sized classroom

Decades, Eras, Music, Trivia, History, Tefillah


  1. Explore connections between the different decades and the traditional prayers
  2. Learn more about the history of music while also learning about the prayers

Materials Needed

  1. Siddurim
  2. Candy
  3. Copies of program for leaders



  1. Read the introduction.
  2. Afterwards, go through every prayer. Read the description first, then ask the question,
    give the answer, and then have everyone turn to the prayer and say it together.

Say: Hello, and welcome to Dive Into Decades Shacharit! Before each prayer we will ask a
question. If you get the answer right you will receive [candy name here]. We will begin with a practice question to get your brain spinning into gear.

Which band consisted of three brothers and one of their cousins?

A. Temptations
B. Cream
C. The Beach Boys

Modeh Ani – Page 2

Modeh Ani has to do with the sun and a person rising in the morning. Which famous band sang
the song “Here Comes the Sun?”

A. The Beach Boys
B. The Beatles
C. Rolling Stones

Birkot Hashachar – Page 10 (please rise)

The Birkot Hashachar discusses all of the rights and freedoms G-d has given us. Which group
of five brothers were given the right to record music?

A. Jackson 5
B. Bob Dylan
C. Rolling Stones

Baruch Sheamar – Page 54 (please rise)

Baruch Sheamar is about the thankfulness of the creation of the universe. Which song by Three
Dog Night expresses the happiness of the Earth?

A. Mama Told Me
B. Pieces of April
C. Joy to the World

Ashrei – Page 80 (you may be seated)

Ashrei is a prayer that uses every letter in the alphabet to praise Adonai. Which song by the
Eagles has lyrics that give attention to someone?

A. Hotel California
B. Desperado
C. Life in the Fast Lane

Hallelujah – Page 88

The literal meaning of the word Hallelujah is “praise God.” This prayer incorporates all types of
instruments that are used to praise God. Which band had some of the longest instrumentals in
their albums?

A. Pink Floyd
B. The Rolling Stones
C. Queen

Nishmat – Page 334

The true meaning of Nishmat is “the breath of,” or, “our souls.” Another way to think of this prayer
is pouring our heart and soul into Adonai. Which artist is most famously known for pouring his
soul into his music?

A. Art Garfunkel
B. Stevie Wonder
C. Neil Diamond

Shochein Ad – Page 336

Shochein Ad marks the beginning of Shacharit. Which band formed at the beginning of the

1. Massive Attack
2. WHAM!
3. Green Day

Barchu – Page 340

Barchu is a call to worship God. What band wrote a song about calling someone?

1. Tommy Tutone
2. Metallica
3. AC/DC

El Adon – Page 342

El Adon is a liturgical poem that was written during the medieval era. Which song was inspired
by a famous poem?

1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
2. All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow
3. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Bon Jovi

Or Chadash – Page 344

In many of the prayers, we thank G-d for his many creations. In Or Chadash we are thanking
Him for the creation of light. What year did Madonna come out with the song “Ray of Light?”

1. 1992
2. 1995
3. 1998

Ahava Raba – Page 346

Ahava Raba is the prayer where we show our love and devotion to G-d. Which band sang the
famous 90’s love song named after a flower?

1. Counting Crows
2. REM
3. The Goo Goo Dolls

Shema – Page 346

The Shema is one of the most famous prayers that almost every Jew knows. Which 90s song
do most people know?

1. Wonderwall
2. I Want It That Way
3. Ice Ice Baby

Mi Chamocha – Page 352

Mi Chamocha is a prayer that Miriam sang to Adonai to give thanks after He freed the Israelites
from slavery. Which song by the Spice Girls does not show a theme of new found independence?

1. Wannabe
2. Say You’ll Be There
3. Saturday Night Diva

Amidah – page 354 (please rise)

Kaddish Shalem – page 392

Say at the end: Thank you for participating in Dive Into Decades Shacharit! I hope you had a blast like we did!