Meaningful Moments from #myUSYsummer

Archive: October 2019

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Meaningful Moments from #myUSYsummer

Posted on October 7, 2019

When talking about USY Summer Experiences, we almost always hear about the incredible sites you get to see, the friends you meet that become family, and the opportunity to learn more about the world around you. What we don’t as often discuss are the meaningful moments that make up a summer with USY. From life-changing Continue Reading »

Meaningful Moments from USY’s 2019-2020 Regional Presidents

Posted on June 16, 2019

Hey USY! My name is Lily Selznick and this year I’m super excited to share USYers “meaningful moments” with all of USY. You’re probably wondering, ‘what is a meaningful moment?’ A ‘meaningful moment’ is a special moment that connected a USYer to their Judaism. This first set of ‘meaningful moments’ comes from your new regional Continue Reading »