Yotzrim B’Yahad: Creating Together

In the past, the International Board has focused mainly on providing resources and programming for chapters across the organization, but USYers–and specifically chapter board members–feel more ownership for over their programs when they are involved in the process of creating them.

To help create meaningful chapter program, the IA IGB is introducing Yotzrim B’Yahad (creating together), a chapter-based project aimed at helping leaders create Israel programming for their kehillot (Jewish community(ies) inside and outside the walls of a synagogue).

This project will provide a platform where the ideas of USYers, with or without leadership titles, can flourish.

Firstly, participants will be contacted by an IA IGB member to talk about the idea or theme they would like to explore in more detail. Then based on those conversations, participants will be placed into larger shared interest groups. The small groups will take part in four more sessions with an IGB member, establishing a single common theme based on a culmination of everyone’s initial thoughts and ideas. Finally, in the final sessions the group will translate their shared vision into tangible programming that each member can take back and use in their communities.

At its core, the purpose of this program is to empower USYers who are passionate about Israel. Because as we know, when USYers are empowered, they build better communities,; and better communities makes a better USY and USY experience for everyone!

Yotzrim B’Yahad will run from October to December. Submissions are due by October 12th, so get yours in today! Click here to sign up.

Please note that International General Board and regional, sub regional, and divisional Executive Board members cannot participate in Yotzrim B’Yahad.