USY Summer Experience Pump-Up Week!

March Madness is happening in USY!

All USYers who sign up for a USY Summer Experience in the month of March will receive $50 off of their registration along with an EXCLUSIVE piece of USY regalia. We will be showcasing different interactive activities all month long, so make sure to follow along with us on social media!

First up, make sure you know all about USY Summer Experience Pump-Up Week, starting Sunday, March 3! You can find the cover photo posted on our Facebook page, and a description of each challenge below. Make sure to take part in our THREE POINTER CHALLENGE: all USYers who participate in at least three days of the Pump-Up Week will be entered into a raffle for a USY swag pack!

Make sure you’re tagging the USY Facebook page in your posts, each post is set as public so our office can view it, and you use the hashtag #myUSYsummer.

March 3rd – Summer Site Sunday: Where was your favorite place you visited on your USY Summer Experience? Post a photo and use the hashtag #myUSYsummer!

March 4th – Memory Monday: Tell a story about your favorite memory from a USY Summer Experience. Was it a program? A service? A visit? Something unexpected? Share about it and use the hashtag #myUSYsummer!

March 5th – Tasty Tuesday: Every USY Summer Experience has its fair share of tasty treats… what was the most awesome thing you ate during your summer with USY? Post about it and use the hashtag #myUSYsummer!

March 6th – Wear It Wednesday: What better way to show off your USY Summer pride than to rock your group shirt? Take a selfie wearing your summer t-shirt and post it with the hashtag #myUSYsummer!

March 7th – Try Something New Thursday: USY Summer Experiences help you get out of your comfort zone – what’s something new you tried during your USY Summer? Post about it and use the hashtag #myUSYsummer!

March 8th – Friends To Family Friday: Your USY Summer Experience friends aren’t just friends – they become your second family. Shout-out your incredible group online, and give a summer friend a call this afternoon to wish them a Shabbat Shalom! #myUSYsummer

We hope you’re excited to share the many ways your USY Summer Experience has changed your life, and can’t wait for so many others to have the life-changing moments a USY Summer Experience brings in the future!