#myUSYfisummer Program Catalog

Come join us for exciting virtual programming all summer long! #MyUSYfiSummer is open to all Jewish youth entering 5th grade through the Class of 2020.

#MyUSYfiSummer consists of two overall categories of programs: All-Access and Premium. To gain access to All-Access Programs, register on Regpacks by paying the $99 flat fee for six weeks of programming. All-Access Pass programming will be recorded for passholders who are unable to make it to a program but still want to participate. To gain access to Premium Classes, please read the description to find the separate program fee, and sign up on Regpacks.

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All programs are listed in EDT. Please find our program catalog below, and click here to register!


Israel’s leading humanitarian aid organization – IsraAID – invites you to an interactive workshop that puts teens in the driver’s seat during a unique disaster response simulation. Participants will experience the intensity of being an IsraAID first responder as they are faced with a deluge of unfolding challenges in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. Students will gain an overview of the sector-specific interventions that IsraAID uses in the field, including in the mental health, water, and medical fields; and the varied roles first responders assume. For teens in 7th grade through the Class of 2020 who interested in international development, Israeli contributions to the world, tikun olam, and/or disaster response, we invite you to engage with these themes firsthand through this stimulating simulation.

Program Date(s):
Tuesday, July 21, 3-4 PM

Ulpan Ivrit

Always wanted to know how to communicate with Israelis in the way they communicate – speaking Hebrew? Join us on this weekly Ulpan Ivrit Chug, where you will learn the most useful Hebrew that you need, in a fun and interactive way, from a Young Professional Israeli Hebrew teacher. Basics of reading are required, as well as committing to all six classes.

Program Date(s):
Wednesdays (July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12) 1-2 PM

Learning to Read Torah

Always wanted to get more confidant with your Torah reading? This is your opportunity to learn and practice in the best way possible! We will take it from the basics all the way to the less known/advanced tropes, in a safe and fun environment for all. Every week will get more advanced, so beginners should join from the first session, and if you feel more comfortable with the basics, you can join us from Session 3.

Program Date(s):
Thursdays - July 23rd, July 30th, August 6th - 1-2 PM

Strengths in Leadership

For USYers in 8th grade through the Class of 2020 – come find your top five strengths and how to utilize them in leadership positions and situations! There will be two sessions and you must attend both in order to participate.

Program Date(s):
Wednesday, July 15 and 22, 2-3 PM

Ethics in Sports

Let’s look at everyday issues brought up in sports through an ethical lens. Is it okay to kneel during the National Anthem? Who let the Houston Astros cheat? Do other MLB teams cheat and just not get caught? Why can’t I dance to my heart’s content in the end zone? Now that we know about brain injuries caused by football, can I still be a fan? Do sports teams really help cities and the public or is it just one more business making the rich, richer?

Program Date(s):
Tuesdays July 14th, 21st, 28th, August 4th 1-2 PM

Powerpoint Roulette (8th Grade-Class of 2020)

Powerpoint Roulette is a game where a person presents a slideshow to an audience without having ever seen the contents of the slides they are presenting. It’s fun for the presenter and hilarious for the audience! Create a funny 10-slide slideshow and have someone else present it for you. Topics can be from “Real or Fake: Are Birds Really Just CIA Surveillance Drones?”, “The History of the World, Part 1”, “USY Regions and their Animal Counterparts”, “Grandma Fran’s Cheesecake Recipe”, or anything else you can think of!.

Program Date(s):
Wednesdays July 8th, July 22nd, August 5th 2-3 PM

Journalism 101

In this six-session course, begin by learning the basics principles of journalism. Explore advanced storytelling techniques used in different forms of journalism. Delve into different journalistic areas, with an emphasis on sports journalism. For USYers in 8th grade through the Class of 2020.

Program Date(s):
Thursdays (July 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6, 13) 1-3 PM

I’m Right, You’re Wrong: Jewish Debates

Join USYers in 8th grade-class of 2020 to debate various topics such as: Does religion need a god to be a religion? Has religion caused more bad than good in the world? Are violent video games appropriate for children? Should zoos be banned? And more!

Program Date(s):
Wednesdays (July 8th, 15th, 22nd) 4-5 PM