#myUSYfisummer Program Catalog

Come join us for exciting virtual programming all summer long! #MyUSYfiSummer is open to all Jewish youth entering 5th grade through the Class of 2020.

#MyUSYfiSummer consists of two overall categories of programs: All-Access and Premium. To gain access to All-Access Programs, register on Regpacks by paying the $99 flat fee for six weeks of programming. All-Access Pass programming will be recorded for passholders who are unable to make it to a program but still want to participate. To gain access to Premium Classes, please read the description to find the separate program fee, and sign up on Regpacks.

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All programs are listed in EDT. Please find our program catalog below, and click here to register!

How to Become a Jewish Rapper in an Hour (Middle School)

Get your own rap name, rap group, beatbox, spit a freestyle, write a song, and perform it, all while having enough time to rush out the door and get to your next class! This class will be led by the famous Jewish Rapper Kosha Dillz!

Program Date(s):
Wednesday August 5th, 4-5 PM

Jewish Women Leading the Way in Sports

Join Coach Justine Siegel (As), writer Alyson Footer (MLB.com), Commissioner Jessica Berman (Lacrosse) and Annette Snow (Maccabi Ashdod) for a conversation of Jewish women in sports. The Great Rabbino (Rabbi Jeremy Fine) will lead the discussion with leading women in the sports world to discuss empowerment, involvement and the landscape of opportunities for young women.

Program Date(s):
Tuesday August 4th, 3-4 PM

Baseball is Back. Let’s Talk.

Baseball is back! The Great Rabbino (Rabbi Jeremy Fine) will lead a discussion with some of baseball’s greatest Jewish players including Danny Valencia (Twins), Craig Breslow (Red Sox), Josh Zeid (Tigers) and Josh Wolf (Mets). Hear about this upcoming season, their careers, and Team Israel’s Olympic run!

Program Date(s):
Monday August 3, 2-3 PM

Executive Functioning for 6-8th Graders

We’ll teach hands-on strategies to help students apply strategies that allow them to accurately and efficiently prioritize tasks and be productive both inside and outside the classroom. **This is a #MyUSYfiSummer Premium Class in conjunction with Prestige Prep, and incurs a separate fee of $36. To register, visit www.regpacks.com/usyfisummer2020

Program Date(s):
Thursday, August 6th, 1-2 PM

Kahoot for Middle Schoolers!

The same Kahoots we all know and love but with a different theme each week. 5th-8th graders join us each week as we take a random dive into the fun world of Kahoots based on the theme of that week. We will play a few different kKhoots all with the same theme each week and see who can be crowned Best of the Best Kahoot player!

Program Date(s):
Wednesday July 8, 22nd and August 5th 2-3 PM

Card Magic 101

Learn some basic card magic skills from USY International Board members Austin Kaufman and Jacob Kline. We will focus on building blocks of magic, from performance skills to technical strategies, that can be used in many different tricks, as well as some stand-alone effects to use in front of your friends. By the end of the course, you will have a strong foundation for continuing your magical journey!

All 5th graders through the Class of 2020 are invited! You’ll need 2 quality and equally sized decks of playing cards (like a red and blue bicycle deck of cards), some rubber bands, and a fun spirit!

Program Date(s):
Tuesdays (July 14, 21, 28, August 4) 4-5 PM

Pinata Making

Do you love candy and fun surprises? If you answered yes, you will want to learn how to make your own pinata. Pinatas are fun and festive for all ages. This session will teach out the basics on making a pinata you can use at your next party! For 5th graders through the Class of 2020.

Program Date(s):
Wednesday, August 12 - 4-5 PM

The Great USY Baking Show

For 5th graders through the class of 2020 – join weekly to learn how to make the most delicious baked goods – but with a twist. This summer we will be taking on our favorite recipes like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and banana bread and kicking them up a notch. Confused? Tune in to see what we’re talking about!

Program Date(s):
Wednesdays (July 22nd, 29th and August 5th) 1-2 PM

Juggling 101

Have you ever wanted to learn how to juggle, but could never find the time? Well, fortunately for us, we have come into an abundance of time and juggling could be in your future! Yes, even over Zoom, I can guarantee that after our session (and some practicing on your own) you, too, will be able to juggle! To participate, all you will need, besides a tiny bit of patience, are three spherical objects — obviously, juggling balls are preferable, but tennis balls, handballs, rolled-up T-shirts, or pairs of socks can also be wonderfully creative home remedies. While the majority of the session will be practice-based, we will also be discussing our lives — how juggling could serve as a metaphor for the many commitments that we balance each and every day. Juggling, while at the surface, is a challenging hobby to master, it is also a meditative art-form through which we can find balance in a complex, dynamic existence.

For 5th grade through the Class of 2020 – bring positivity, patience, and enthusiasm to learn something new! See you there!

Program Date(s):
Thursday July 9 and July 23rd, 3-4 PM


Israel’s leading humanitarian aid organization – IsraAID – invites you to an interactive workshop that puts teens in the driver’s seat during a unique disaster response simulation. Participants will experience the intensity of being an IsraAID first responder as they are faced with a deluge of unfolding challenges in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. Students will gain an overview of the sector-specific interventions that IsraAID uses in the field, including in the mental health, water, and medical fields; and the varied roles first responders assume. For teens in 7th grade through the Class of 2020 who interested in international development, Israeli contributions to the world, tikun olam, and/or disaster response, we invite you to engage with these themes firsthand through this stimulating simulation.

Program Date(s):
Tuesday, July 21, 3-4 PM