TBT: International General Board Weekend 2021

Editor’s Note: From March 19-21, USYers on the International General Board came together for the second online International General Board Weekend. While we were not expecting to be virtual again this year, we still engaged in meaningful programs! Read below as one member from each board gives a recap on their impactful experience.

“When I clicked the Zoom link to log onto IGBW Thursday evening, I definitely was not expecting to leave on Sunday with as many memories and new friendships as I did. One of my favorite parts about IGBW was all the new friendships I created, and old bonds which I strengthened. On Thursday night, the Presidential IGB really bonded as we played Kahoot, and talked about life. I also really enjoyed giving the presentation about IC with [my co-chair] Sarah, because I loved getting to hear everyone’s feedback about IC. It got me even more pumped up about IC 2021! However, my all-time favorite part of IGBW had to be the Boundary Breaker activity on Saturday night. I feel as though my group really bonded as we learned more about one another and kindled new friendships at the same time. I am not usually one to stay up late, but that night we all talked for hours, and I had so much fun getting to know everyone even more as we shared new memories. IGBW was a blast, and I am so excited to share more laughs and create memories together with the rest of this year’s IGB!” -Cameron Fields, IC Co-Chair – Hagalil USY

“I really enjoyed my experience at IGB Weekend! It was a great experience to be able to meet my general board counterparts from across USY and to form new friendships with them. Leadership is always something I’ve enjoyed, and this was a wonderful experience for me personally. My favorite activity was our Boundary Breakers activity on Saturday night, as it allowed me to get to know everyone in a meaningful way.” -Amitai Goldmeer, Summer Experience Outreach Co-Chair – Tzafon USY

“IGBW was my first big international event, and although it felt slightly intimidating at first, I had an amazing experience. The well-planned bonding programs helped me meet so many incredible people! I also had a great time working with other IGB members to develop our leadership skills and brainstorm for the coming year. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring!” -Julia Lange, Rel/Ed IGB – Far West USY

“At IGBW I got to know my fellow board members much better through a bunch of fun and informative activities, but two activities especially stuck out to me. First, the impromptu jeopardy game between the Comm IGB and SA/TO IGB led by Sophie Scheer was a great way to bond in a pretty organic way. The second was Boundary Breakers. I found it very cool to be able to share this meaningful experience with the rest of the IGB.” -Martin Landis, SA/TO IGB – HaNer USY

“IGBW 2021 was the experience of a lifetime. The weekend was filled with engaging programming, thought-provoking discussions, and countless opportunities to make connections. I have never before been surrounded by so many driven, hard-working, and dedicated people with such strong passions for USY. Everyone’s enthusiasm was intoxicating, and it inspired me to bring that same amount of energy to the event and my work with my IGB. I was able to make so many new friends during icebreakers and other programs, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in each activity. I especially loved writing a letter to my future self. I think it’s important that we give ourselves the chance to reflect on our year on IGB, and this activity prompted me to take a step back and think about my role in this organization and my view of myself as a leader. Mem/Kad IGB meetings were by far the highlight of my weekend, and I am so lucky to get to work with a group of such amazing people. I genuinely enjoyed the hours of work and productivity, especially after seeing our final presentation. There was no shortage of ideas and initiatives, and I can’t wait to work to make every single one a reality this coming year. All in all, I left IGBW with a newfound confidence in my ability as a USY leader, and dozens of new IGBesties.” -Kiara Laaly, Mem/Kad IGB – Far West USY

“In March, USY’s International General Board along with the International Executive Board gathered (virtually) for a weekend filled with learning, bonding, and tons of fun! From counterpart meetings to Boundary Breakers, we truly did it all! We kicked off on Thursday night with a game of Powerpoint Roulette, followed by our IGB meetings… or just more games in certain breakout rooms! On Saturday night we had some late-night IGB bonding, and Sunday was filled with more learning about leadership and each other’s initiatives for the upcoming year. Each day, we started with a D’var Torah from two IEB members, which were so amazing to hear – each IGB member learned so much from our leaders. Overall, IGB Weekend was a huge success. We overcame challenges like time zones and “how do I share my computer sound?” we bonded, and we had the opportunity to get started on our goals! I know I made tons of new friends and learned so much throughout the weekend! The IGB owes a huge thank you to the IEB and our staff for planning so many wonderful programs for us. I’m looking forward to an exciting and productive year with my fellow leaders keeping me motivated. If IGBW taught me anything, it’s that this is going to be an awesome year, USY!” -Sari Weinroth, Communications IGB – ECRUSY