My Community: הקהילה שלי – Rory Sucharov-Gluck

Archive: June 2020

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My Community: הקהילה שלי – Rory Sucharov-Gluck

Posted on June 10, 2020

Editor’s Note: Hey USY! Welcome back to our next article in the “הקהילה שלי: My Community” series! Today, we are taking a trip to the true north as ECRUSY’s Rory Sucharov-Gluck tells us how a mariachi band helped her fall in love with USY. I’ve always known that USY is a strong community. Even before Continue Reading »

My Community: הקהילה שלי – Austin Kaufman

Posted on May 7, 2020

Editors’ Note: Welcome to the newest series on the blog called הקהילה שלי: My Community! Here, USYers will have the chance to tell the story of the time they realized that USY was their community- or their קהילה. Of course, we could only start with one person: International President Austin Kaufman. Strap in as he Continue Reading »