Spring Convention Recaps – April 2019

CHUSY Kinnus Recap – By Ariana Handelman

From April 4th to 7th, the great CHUSY region gathered for our 68th annual Spring Kinnus. This year, we explored the brand new Great Wolf Lodge from the indoor water park, to the Magiquest Challenges, to the mile long walk to the rooms. We celebrated chapter achievements, elected the 2019-2020 Regional Executive Board, and cried as the seniors said their goodbyes. With crazy ruach and lots of dancing, we celebrated an amazing year!


Emtza Skallah Recap – By Emi Striefel Alperin

From April 4th-7th, Emtza Region gathered for Spring Kallah in the heart of the region in Ogden, Iowa. The theme of the convention was Mean Girls, and we discussed different stereotypes in school and also in Israel. Along with that, we had our regional elections, welcomed Shabbat together as a community, and had our annual black light dance party! We also had fun deciding where Emtza will allocate our SA/TO money, and learned about the respective organizations.


CRUSY Regionals Recap – By Sarah Belin

Over the weekend of April 11th-14th, CRUSYites gathered for a glamorous Grammy-themed regional convention (aka Regionals) at Camp Wise in Chardon, Ohio. Upon arrival, we participated in a Family Feud mixer and topped the evening off with s’mores before heading back to our bunks. We would need our beauty rest as the next day was packed with many more fun programs.

Friday, we hit the ground running. We started with elections, which were followed by a nature pageant that included cameos from nature celebrities like Dwayne (an actual rock) Johnson. Before getting ready for Shabbat, we split into grades for a program about the art found in Israel. After some services, a vivacious ruach session paved the way for the evening’s events. That was when we settled down for some serious Heschel and 613, diving deep into stereotypes and sexism in the Torah and Israel.

After an incredible USY shabbat, the convention finished strong with a fabulous banquet and new board installations the next day. Saying goodbye to the seniors was hard, but after infinite tears and hugs, we eventually managed to board our buses and part ways. Our comfort came only from the fact that we knew we’d be back together soon!


HaNegev Regional Convention Recap – By Shaina Smith

On April 12th, HaNegev USYers arrived at the one and only Gev In Color Music Festival, a.k.a. HaNegev Regional Convention! We kicked off the weekend by electing our incredible 2019-2020 Regional Executive Board. It’s pretty safe to say that HaNegev is in great hands for next year! After elections, we welcomed in Shabbat with our first ever Kabbalat Shabbat Live! Although different than our traditional Kabbalat Shabbat service, our energetic USYers embraced it with tons of ruach and dancing!

Our weekend was filled with many highlights, from arts and craft Shacharit, to chofesh on the beautiful South Florida beach. We had amazing programs such as our own spin-off of the Eurovision competition and a grade sing off! Our convention was nothing less than extraordinary! On Saturday evening we ended Shabbat with a meaningful Sloach (slow ruach) session and the seniors delivered their final quotes to the region. Although we were sad that convention was coming to an end, we weren’t going to let that stop us from jamming at the dance. Not wanting the fun to end, we all had to be dragged off the dance floor at the end of the evening. Sunday morning was filled with many hugs and tears as we did not want to have to say goodbye to all of our amazing friends. And of course, it wouldn’t be a HaNegev convention if we didn’t close convention by singing our Regional song because, “we are the best damn region in the USA (and Canada!)”


Hagalil Spring Convention Recap – By Matt Saperstein

Hagalil USY had an amazing time at Spring Convention in Princeton, NJ from April 12-14! USYers from all over New Jersey gathered to spend a relaxing Shabbat together. The weekend was filled with ruach, reconnecting with old friends, and creating many new friendships. After Shabbat, Hagalil was joined by Mizrach USY on Saturday night for an epic dance. Before the convention ended on Sunday, Hagalil USYers voted on their next leaders to serve on Regional Executive Board. Overall, it was a great way to end an amazing year with Hagalil!


Mizrach Spring Convention – By Harris Albuck

Mizrach had an amazing time at their Spring convention at the Princeton DoubleTree hotel! During the convention USYers engaged in the vintage theme by participating in fun programming and various activities. During the convention, USYers raised over $250 for social action resulting in Corey Bass, our RTED, shaving his long, luscious beard. The end of Shabbat was an amazing moment leading into our dance with Hagalil. The dance was a fun, and an experience like no other. We cannot wait for Encampment 2019!