Regional Spotlight: Tzafon

Editors’ Note: Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling Tzafon! In Upstate New York, with Crocs aplenty, Tzafon USY stands tall. Today, Tzafon’s Sophie Scheer tells us about Tzafon’s tight-knit community, and how they are always working to expand it.

Tzafon is a small but mighty region. We always get close with one another and make new friends. We are like one big family. Making connections with people is really easy in a region like ours. Sitting at a new table for meals and talking to a lot of new people to make new friends, or just starting a conversation with someone that you’ve never talked to before is very common. There is no exclusion, and there are no “cliques” in our region. This is something that we are very proud of and continue to do every time Tzafon gets together. Our region is filled with bubbly personalities, people who love to talk to one another, and people who make friends really easily. This is something that being in a small region teaches us to do. Talking to new people is really important!

One good thing that we like to do to get to know each other and make new friends is a program we like to call “Tzafon Buddies”. This is where a younger USYer is paired with an older one to build a new relationship and make a new friend. This helps people stay involved in our region and learn more about USY from a more experienced USYer. We do super fun activities such as a scavenger hunt, lots of icebreakers and building houses out of candy! This idea was introduced a few years ago to connect USYers throughout our region. It is really fun and helps make lasting memories and connections. Younger USYers can see whats it is like if they keep going to conventions, make lots of friends, get involved, and have a great time with their region. The older members get to make new friends and share how much they love USY with another person.

By the end of convention, everyone is sad that they are leaving an awesome weekend and great people, but they know that they are leaving with a new friend that they will have for a long time. Tzafon will forever be a place I know I can go to and make a new friend right away!

Sophie Scheer is a junior from Tzafon USY. She is a proud member of Nefesh Tzafon USY in Syracuse, New York. She is currently serving as regional Communications Vice President.