Regional Spotlight: Pinwheel

Editor’s Note: There are very few regions that can claim to have a summer trip entirely within their borders, but alas, Pinwheel Region can claim that honor. It is fitting that our final regional spotlight before our summer hiatus is spinning us to the Pacific Northwest, with Pinwheel region. Pinwheel’s own Robbie Baker shares with us the history of Pinwheel’s incredibly lengthy and intricate regional song.

Anyone who has ever attended an International Convention will recognize Pinwheel’s regional song. It is not because it has a catchy tune or an infectious chorus, but because it is the longest regional song by far. From hugging a buffalo to booboo bear to Bumblebee tuna, the Pinwheel song has its own flair. At each chapter, regional, or international event, Pinwheelers sing our song with pride and ruach. However, no one ever realizes how long it is until we hear the songs from other regions. Why is it that Pinwheel’s song is so unique?

Originally, the song consisted of ten lines. Today, the song comprises of thirty-five lines. Like most Pinwheelers, I never questioned the origins of the song or its evolution over the years. To me, it is our region’s song and that unites us. However, gaining an understanding of the history of the song made me realize that it is much more than just words on a page. It is about our tradition, our heritage.

Everyone: Ohhhhh…. We’re from Pinwheel and we’ll shout it, we’ve got the kids and the ruach too! Our program’s singing, dancing, praying, Torah learning is what we do!

With our spirits so high, all day long we will try to spin our pinwheels for USY

And we’ll work and we’ll play, side by side every day, to make our region the best in every way!

Spin, spin, Pinwheel Region, Pinwheel region USY!

Diff-rent from the rest, ‘cause we’re from the great Northwest!

North, South, everywhere we go, Pinwheel spinning strong!

Spin with Pinwheel region, you never can go wrong!

Spin with Pinwheel region, you never can go…

Spin spin Pinwheel, spin, spin Pinwheel, Pinwheel region spinning strong!

I don’t want to grow up; I’m a USY kid.  Pinwheel region is the best; we’re from the Northwest!

From SATO to SECTS!, we do it the best, we’re Pinwheel USY!

I don’t want to grow up, cause baby if I did, I wouldn’t be a USY kid!

No drugs, no booze, more Jews, oh wow! I wouldn’t be a USY kid!

Oh, Pinwheel, Pinwheel region, it means that I love you!

If you won’t be my baby, I’ll Pinwheel Region you.

I’ll take this symbol of mine, and put it on your chest.

That’s how you know we’re from the great Northwest!

We ride upon our ponies, we HUG the buffalo! *

We always go by dogsled, whenever there is snow! We never use the outhouse; we always go outside.

That’s ’cause Pinwheel Region has nothing much to hide!

P-PI-PIN now Wheel it baby! P-PI-PIN now Wheel it baby!

Our saddle’s up, we’re ready to go, let me hear your pinwheel flow P-PI-PIN now Wheel it baby! (repeat…)

Yum, Yum, bumble bee, bumble bee tuna, I love bumble bee, bumble bee tuna

Yum, Yum, bumble bee, bumble bee tuna, love a sandwich made with bumble bee… (one more time!)

Comm: Fres-What?

Everyone: FRES-NO!

Comm: Fres-What?

Everyone: FRES-NO!

You spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby right round, round, round!

You spin me right round baby right round, like a pinwheel baby right round round round!

Booboo bear, Booboo bear are you wearing underwear?

Booboo Bear, Booboo Bear, are you wearing underwear?

President: Pinwheel!  What is your profession?

Everyone: Owoo! Owoo! Owoo!


The history of the song is best explained as one steeped in tradition and camaraderie. As the story goes, every year or so, new insights about Pinwheel and its members would weave its way into the song. For example, whoever is Communications Vice President has a designated line. It is tradition.

Traditions foster strong bonds and serve as a means to create lasting memories for us. They are a shared history. Whether you were a Pinwheeler twenty years ago, or just joined the region, the song is a connection you will forever hold with our region. With time, like most traditions, the song has evolved. It is our link to the past, the present and the future. Spin, spin Pinwheel!

Robbie Baker is a tenth grader from Pinwheel USY. He is a proud member of Vancouver Nitzachon USY from Congregation Beth Israel in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is currently serving as regional Communications Vice President for the 2019-2020 programming year.