Regional Spotlight: CHUSY

Editors’ Note: Ana B’CHUSY! C-H-U-S-Y! In the heart of the midwest on the shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago Region USY sits proud (they also are in Milwaukee and Madison, or so we have heard). Whether they are cheering on their beloved Cubs, or arguing with METNY over what kind of pizza is superior, CHUSY is never afraid to show their regional pride. CHUSY’s Celia Giles tells us about some of CHUSY’s favorite TO traditions.

On Saturday nights and Sunday mornings of conventions, you can find the Regional Executive Board and others blaring annoying music such as the beautiful song Plastic Bag by Katy Perry (well kind of)(Editors’ note: look it up). You can also find random people dancing around wearing a vest that makes them look like a highlighter. They then get the privilege to pass the vest onto another victim once they raise $5 for T.O. This is the fun and unique way that CHUSY raises money for T.O.! But not only does this help us raise money, it creates a stronger community and allows members to feel more comfortable with each other.

Like every region, CHUSY puts a huge emphasis on Social Action and Tikun Olam. From going to Feed My Starving Children soon to coin challenge, we always try to raise as much money and awareness as possible. At conventions, it’s a whole different beast. Everyone gets involved, whether it’s their first convention or their last. By having these fun outlets to raise money for T.O., it creates a community that allows members to come out of their shells. From dancing crazily for money to singing annoying songs, members do whatever they can to keep the tradition alive and create the CHUSY magic while helping out organizations that we love and support.

Sunday morning is our prime-time for raising money. We usually have someone “steal” the President’s briefcase and play annoying songs like the Home Depot theme song on repeat. This tradition has a lot of meaning. It may seem super goofy, but it is an amazing way to get members to feel more comfortable with each other and have a great time. Although now we can’t hear the song Firework anymore, we have created an undeniable passion for raising money for causes we love.

Celia Giles is a senior from Chicago Region USY (CHUSY). She is a proud member of Congregation Beth Shalom (CBS USY) in Northbrook, Illinois. She is currently serving as regional Communications Vice President.