(Social Action) Game of Life

Prepared by Maddie Dahl (Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President, Seaboard)

Program Overview

Active, Social, Social Action




Materials Needed

  1. Start/finish line
  2. Life cards
  3. Targets with pictures of the food pyramid
  4. Bean bags
  5. Writing Paper
  6. Pens
  7. Timer
  8. Paper (three different colors)
  9. Hooks
  10. Fish rods
  11. Ruler affixed with string and paperclip



Set Up

Divide the USYers into 5 groups of about 12. Each group should sit in front of an activity station.

Station 1 (Birth — Chance)

In their groups, everyone lines up on the starting line. When the station leader says go, everyone will  crab walk to the wall or cone (finishing point) and then hop on one foot back. Each person will be handed a card with a number that corresponds with when they finished the race. On that card will be a name, and a summary.  Once your whole group is done, everyone should sit and you can move onto the next round.

Station 2 (Ages 7-13 — Nutrition)

Before beginning the activity, the host will read the background of each character (found on the script, attached). The USYers should stand up when their character is called, forming a line with the first character (Jake) in the front and the last character (Bobby) in the back. Eventually, Bobbys will be told to move to the 9th spot in line and Marias will move to the back of their lines.

The goal of this activity is to hit targets that represent nutritious food.  In front of the start line will be three targets, each with a picture of the food pyramid.  One by one, each of USYer will take a shot at hitting one of the targets. It should be announced that everyone will have unlimited tries hitting the target. However, the last four people in line will only have one shot to hit it. The group must stay in order.

The catch is that only two people can hit the first target, only six people (or 7 if there are 13 people in the group) can hit the middle target and only four people can hit the last target.

Once everyone in the group completed the activity, everyone should sit down.

Station 3 (Ages 16-18 — Education)

The USYers should still be in the order they were in at the end of Round 2. Michaels will be told to move to the back of the line and Jakes will be told to move to the 7th spot in line.

This activity is a writing exercise.  In front of the first person in line will be a sheet of paper and a pen.  The USYers will have one minute for the entire group to write their character’s first name on the sheet of paper.  They must stay in order and go one at a time, they must use their non-dominate hand, their writing must be legible and there is no talking.

Station 4 (20s & 30s — Employment)

The USYers should still be in the order they were in at the end of Round 3. Emilys move to the front of the line. Then all Benjis will move to the front of the line. Finally, Marias will move to the 8th spot in line.

In this activity, staff members will act as interviewers. Everyone USYer will have 30 seconds to explain their favorite part of USY. The interviewer will ask “Why do you love USY?” and the USYer must begin their answer with “I love USY because…” The catch is the no one can repeat what someone before them in the group has said.

Station 5 (40s & 50s — A Place to Live)

The USYers should still be in the order they were in at the end of Round 3. Emilys move to the third spot in line.

The goal of this game is to fish for houses (different colored sheets of papers with hooks attached). In front of the start line there are 12 or 13 houses based on group size: gold, white, and gray.  There should be 2 gold houses, 4 gray houses, and 6 white houses if the group has 12 people or 7 if the group has 13.

One at a time, the USYers will each use the fishing rod to hook a house and take it.  The gold houses are mansions, the white houses are suburban, and the gray houses are rundown small apartments. The USYers must fish in order and sit down when the whole group has finished.


Consult attached script for debrief and discussion.