#MyUSYFiSummer FAQs

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected].

All grades are based on the upcoming year, except for the graduating class of 2020.

We will be providing recordings of All-Access Programs for passholders. These recordings will only be sent to those who have already paid for All-Access Programming. Premium Classes cannot be recorded.

If your child is interested in a program through our All-Access Pass, you must add the All-Access Pass to your cart on Regpacks. Once you pay for the All-Access Pass, you will be able to sign up for programs available through having the pass.

While you can technically sign up for the All-Access Pass and only attend one program, you will have access to all of our All-Access programming throughout the summer. There is no discount if you only choose to participate in one program. We hope you will participate in as many All-Access programs as possible!

Because we are contracting with outside educators and organizations for many of our programs, we are unable to provide scholarships for #MyUSYFiSummer.

While unfortunately each participant needs to pay for their own pass, you can now use only one account on Regpacks. There is no sibling discount.

Unless there is a specification that you have to be present for all programs the entire summer, most sessions are stand-alone and do not build on a previous class.

We will be recording each All-Access Program for passholders to be able to watch if they are unable to participate in real time.