Letter from the Editor – Achshav is Back!

Hi USY! My name is Risa Kampel, and I am currently a Junior from West Orange USY in the wonderful Hagalil region. I am so incredibly excited to be your 2021 Achshav Blog editor! Within USY, I currently serve as the Hagalil Communications Vice President and Chapter President, and previously served as Hagalil’s Newsroom Host and a Communications Chapter Vice President. Outside of USY, some of my favorite activities include playing softball, hanging out with friends, spending endless hours on Tiktok, going on runs, and participating in numerous clubs at my school, including AFJROTC, a high school military program.

Moving onto the blog, my ultimate goal for this year is to make a positive impact on every USYer across North America. I want to publish articles on the blog that get USYers excited, motivate them to become more engaged in USY, and infuse the passion they feel for USY in their everyday lives. Additionally, I would like to focus on posting articles from all kinds of USYers – not just those at the leadership level, but USYers who may have recently started their USY journey, or do not currently hold a leadership position. Hearing stories and fun news from any USYer will make the blog more interesting and diverse, as everyone has their own unique story and perspective, and has the ability to make a significant impact on Achshav – and on USY in general.

Lastly, I hope to share blog articles from USY alumni. I believe that it is essential for USY to engage alumni in this way – alumni pass along their experiences to the younger generation, along with share where they are now along with what part USY has played in their journey. Working with USY alumni on writing for the blog will make the Achshav even more exciting, and it will help to serve as a reminder for our alumni that USY is still their home.

With that, I am so excited to hear any ideas that you have for Achshav! If you have any questions or want to share something blog-related with me, don’t be afraid to email me at [email protected].

All photos featured were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.