Leah Katzap

Shalom USY!!

I am Leah Katzap, and I am super excited to serve on the Interim International Board!! My goal for USY is to become an opportunity to internationally connect all forms of Judaism, and I can’t wait to achieve this goal with all of you! 

Currently, I am an 11th grader from Queens, New York and a part of Sababa USY. I go to a school with close to 5,000 students and my favorite classes are AP United States History and Model United Nations. 

When I am not thinking about amazing ideas for USY, I love to read, take photos on one of my six cameras (this is not an exaggeration), meet with fellow USYers in Manhattan, learn how to drive, and try iced matcha lattes at local cafes!

I have been a member of USY since the fifth grade, and the journey of exploring Judaism internationally is an experience all Jewish teens should be able to take part in. Everybody has a different version of Judaism, and I want all teens participating in USY to create connections and learn about Judaism from all over the world!

I highly value connection, so please feel free to reach out! I am beyond excited to work with you, as well as my fellow International Board to create an amazing USY! 

Leah Katzap 

[email protected]