Announcing the Israel Challenge for #ICDream18!

Put on your game face…Israel Challenge 2018 is coming!

The Israel Challenge is an Israel competition between all of the regions that will take place leading up to and at International ConventionDuring the challenge, we will post daily questions and tasks related to Israel on our Facebook page. Your region can win points by completing the tasks and answering the question. Points are distributed based on quality of the posts, not the quantity. 

We will announce the winning region at the end of IC, after all completed tasks and questions have been tallied. The goal of this challenge is to create connections, learn new, interesting facts and strengthen your connection to Israel.

The winning region will receive $200 to spend on anything Israel related!

The challenge will be divided into 2 parts:

  1. Pre-IC: Almost every day during the week leading up to IC, there will be a task or question released on the USY Facebook page that each region can participate in to score points. Make sure your region is represented each day.
  2. During IC: Each day of IC, different tasks and questions will be announced through push notifications on the IC App and on the USY Facebook page, with the last challenge taking place on Wednesday, December 26th.

Below are the rules for the challenge:

  1. Only original posts and good sportsmanship will be accepted. Any region that behaves inappropriately through posts or messages will be removed from the challenge. Each region should focus on its own task or question.
  2. We will not accept inappropriate language on social media or throughout the challenge. Any region that posts inappropriate language will be removed from the challenge.
  3. Your posts (photos & videos) may get shared on USY’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Ranking/score system:

  1. As many USYers from each region can participate, and we will give 10 bonus points to your region if at least 10 USYers from a region participate each day.
  2. Additional points will be given based on the following criteria:
    1. Likes on a post
    2. Shares of a post
    3. Comments on a post
    4. Use of Hebrew in a post
  3. After all of these things are counted, we will be ranking each region by quality of posts and give additional points based on this.

*All challenges must have the hashtags: #IsraelChallenge, #ICDream18, and Guy Usy Central Shaliach & Yaara Koren Usy Shlicha must be tagged on Facebook. Additionally, you must also include your region as a hashtag (e.g. #SWUSY).*

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss out on the challenges as they’re posted!

Looking for more ways to get excited about Israel? Practice this year’s Israeli dance!

At International Convention, we want everyone to learn this Israeli dance. Get a head start by watching the video below. Even if you’re not a dancer, practice makes perfect!