Apply for International General Board 2019

Below is a letter from Noa Kligfeld, 2019 USY International President, opening the application process for International General Board. IGB is an opportunity to impact USY on an international level by working with a specific International Executive Board member. You can view the full list of open positions and learn more about the application process here.  Applications are due Wednesday, 1/16. Click here to apply. 


Dear USYers,

The 2019 International Executive Board and I are incredibly excited to begin the upcoming year with you. We will all work together to Find Our Sheep: to pay attention to the parts of leadership in USY that aren’t always given the focus that they deserve. By applying to International General Board, you are making a commitment to USY, to your friends, and to the board member with whom you work. You are taking an important and meaningful step on your USY leadership journey, and for that the IEB and I commend you. Being on Rel/Ed IGB was when I first realized that I could have an impact on International USY. The lessons I learned that year still influence me today, and I hope all of you have as enriching of an experience as I and so many others have had.

Unfortunately, not every applicant will be offered a position on IGB. This is in order to ensure that IGB remains effective and productive, and in an attempt to guarantee that every member of IGB is dedicated, committed, and ready to work hard to turn their vision and the vision of the board into a reality. As such, I highly recommend that you take this application seriously. We hope to shape IGB as a place for USYers who are sincere about their passion for USY leadership. We also recognize that there is a multitude of leaders in USY who are eager to contribute. In the unfortunate event that you are not accepted, we encourage you to continue to push for your ideas and goals within USY. We as an IEB love and value you for who you are, regardless of your position on IGB.

All applications will be due Wednesday, January 16th at 11:59 PM local time. Late applications will not be considered. Selected USYers will be strongly encouraged to attend IGB Weekend in Chicago on March 1st-3rd (of course, the inability of any USYer to attend said weekend will not infringe upon his or her potential acceptance onto IGB).

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

We are so looking forward to reading about your ruach, passion, ideas, and goals. We are excited to work with all of you to make USY a more engaging, dynamic, and innovative movement. We can’t wait to hear what you have to contribute.

Thank you for your dedication to this USY. We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you at IC SoCal!

All my love,
Noa Yarden Dorff Kligfeld
USY 2019 International President
On behalf of the 2019 USY International Executive Board