The Koolulam Experience


USY is beyond excited to announce this year’s featured musical guest, as we partner with Koolulam, a social music initiative aimed at strengthening the fabric of society. Koolulam’s tagline, “Singing is Believing,” fits seamlessly with International Convention, where our teens tell us each year that the ruach, singing, and dancing experienced alongside their friends fosters a unique bond between participants. This year, despite shifting virtually, we hope to still bring those same feelings into your homes.

Koolulam’s project centers around musical performances created by convening large groups of individuals to form a uniquely collaborative musical creation. Like many of us, they have shifted their project to an online format, while still ensuring the audience is the artist at the heart of the experience. At IC — that will be our teens, as we stop amidst our busy days, weeks, and conventions to simply connect with each other through song. Every participant enters as a unique individual and leaves feeling part of a larger whole.

Koolulam is hard at work curating a fresh and innovative experience for USY. This experience will encompass two unique opportunities.

  1. Our teens will have the chance, with the guidance of the Koolulam musical team, to be featured in an all new Koolulam x USY music video, singing together to spread a message of love, inclusion, and inspiration to the world.
  2. Koolulam’s team has assembled an interactive and high energy program, which will take place live the final night of convention on Wednesday, December 30th.

Both of these perk’s are exclusive to USY IC Everywhere participants and we cannot wait to experience them alongside you.

Koolulam | A Social-Musical Initiative | Soon at your home town

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