Israeli Jams from the Israel Affairs IGB!

Editors’ Note: Today, Achshav is jumping on an “El-Al” flight, across the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and heading to the Jewish homeland, Israel! One of the most entertaining parts of Israeli culture is the unique music style the country has developed over the past 71 years. Today, the Israel Affairs International General Board has compiled an Israeli Music Playlist for YOU, the USYers, to enjoy! Read about some of their song selections below!

“על הספה” – Carakukly
This chill song is perfect to listen to when hanging out with friends or studying! The song sounds similar to something you might hear in American pop music, but has a unique Israeli style.

“שני משוגעים” – Omer Adam
Israelis voted “Shnei Meshuga’im” as the Song of the Year in 2018 by a poll from Galgalatz, Israel’s national radio station. Since his song was voted as the number one song in Israel, Omer Adam has become the most popular artist in Israel. In “Shnei Meshuga’im,” he describes two people in love.

“מסע” — Eliad
Israelis voted this song to be the song of the year in a national poll by Galgalatz. “Journey” by Eliad is a great bop to listen to on the bus ride to school or to dance to early in the morning to get your energy up! The song is about a narrator whose journey to self-discovery led him to love. This positive theme shows through the upbeat and energetic tune of the song.

“שבת אחים ואחיות” – Various Artists
This song was released for Israel’s 71st Yom Ha’atzmaut and highlights the story of Israel’s creation as well as the sense of brotherhood that Israelis feel in their home country. Organized by Idan Raichel, it includes clips of over 30 Israeli artists of all genres, and even includes Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the end of the music video. Talk about star power!

“ים השישי” – Omer Adam
Omer Adam is one of the biggest icons of the current Israeli pop music scene. His recent album includes a song titled “ים השישי”, which centers around how Fridays and Shabbat are a relaxing break from the rest of the week. The chorus of the song itself is an excerpt from the prayer “Vay’chulu”, which is featured in Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat evening Kiddush. It makes tefillah into a bop!!

“טמפרטורה” – Omer Adam
Another song by Omer Adam, but with a completely different vibe. It’s a fun, carefree song about having fun on the beach, and the melody is so upbeat. Great for listening to on a relaxing day in Tel Aviv!

“נאמסטה” – Static & Ben El Tavori
In “Namaste,” Static & Ben El Tavori describe their constant feeling of bliss and enthusiasm. They claim that they’ve always done good things and so the good just came back to them, allowing them to say “Namaste” and enjoy life to the fullest! The vibrant colors and graphics in all of the famous pop duo’s music videos go perfectly with the spirit of this song. It’s a perfect song for a beach day!

“Toy” – Netta
You may remember hearing this song during Eurovision in 2018, when Israel won the contest for the fourth time! The song is often recognized for the strange sounds that the artist makes in the intro and pre-chorus of the song. Regardless, Netta quickly became a pop sensation following Israel’s victory in Eurovision. If you need an upbeat song to wake you up in the morning or to which to have a dance party, Netta’s got you covered.

“הכל” – Avior Malasa
In this slow song, Avior Malasa claims that he has everything he could ever need because of love, and that even if the worst were to happen, he would find peace in love. It’s truly beautiful and it’s great to listen to when you just want to chill out.

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This playlist was compiled by the Israel Affairs International General Board and the International Israel Affairs Vice President. You can read more about them here.