How To Make Your Passover Seder More Engaging

Editor’s Note: Chag Pesach Sameach everyone! The past year for everyone has definitely been a game-changer. While sitting at our Zoom Passover Seder’s last year, we were not thinking we’d still have to be virtual for this year’s Passover. To spice up your Seder this year and to forget about everything that is going on in the world, the Religion/Education IGB is here to share ways on making your Passover Seder more engaging!

Have a themed Seder!

Something fun that you and your family could do this year is really dive into the story of Passover during your seder! Come dressed up as the Israelites in Egypt or as your favorite Passover treat. To take it up another notch, plan a themed seder. Last year, I planned a Lion King-themed seder for my family and it was a huge hit! We listened to The Lion King Passover songs as well as told the story of Passover through the characters of The Lion King. There are so many different ways you can celebrate Passover this year with your family. Dig into your creative mind and the perfect idea will come to you!

-Sadie Klaff, HaNegev USY




Passover Bingo!

Make a simple Bingo card, which can take some advanced prep, but you can do it while the brisket is cooking. Also, this way, you can make sure everyone pays attention, and make it a little game if you have kids at your table. You can make boxes for Elijah, the Red Sea, drinking wine or grape juice, one or two different items on the seder plate, or answering a question. You can also do a few harder items for some of the less mentioned figures, or something that is specific to your family. For example: the person reading licks their finger before turning the page, or someone drinks their cup before you have said the prayers. Don’t forget to add prizes for the winners!

-Seth Kristal, EMTZA Region USY

Make a Seder playlist!

The Passover Seder has 15 unique steps (well, mostly unique anyway). Challenge yourself to find a song that you think corresponds to each one, or at least most of them. Whether the title, music, or lyrics match, get creative with it and enjoy yourself! As you get to each step, listen to or sing that song together. For example, for Magid, the portion of the Seder where we tell the story of Passover, pick The Story of Tonight from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Towards the end of the seder when Hallel rolls around, choose Leonard Cohen’s beautiful Hallelujah (or any of its numerous covers). You and your family/company can decide on this playlist in advance, or you can feel free to come up with it as you go! Either way, it keeps everyone on their toes and is sure to create lasting Passover memories.

-Ezra Schaffer, Far West USY