How To Help Israel During Times of War

Hey USYers! We know that the war in Israel is very hard for our entire community. If you need any support the International board members and staff are always there to talk along with your regional and chapter staff. It is important to show our support for Israel in this tough time. There are a wide range of ways to show support for Israel. All of these different ways are valid and you should not feel pressured to do any of these things. Firstly, one way to support Israel is to call and text your loved ones. If these people are in Israel or anywhere in the world, it is very important to reach the people you love and make sure they’re doing ok during these tough times. This is a very simple way and valid way you can support Israel and other individuals. A second method is spreading support online. You can spread support Israel online by promoting correct information through different social media platforms. A great way of doing this is changing your profile picture to an Israeli flag, magen david, or something that shows solidarity with Israel. If you want to take your actions into the real world, you can attend a rally in your city or volunteer at an organization that is sending things to Israel. You can also donate money through certain causes like Magen David Adom or United Hatzalah. All of these are very impactful ways that you can support Israel. No matter how big or small your action is, it is always appreciated. You should never be pressured into doing something larger than you are capable of, but doing something with a group, like your chapter or region can allow you to make bigger change. Anything and everything is greatly appreciated!


-Ariel Berger, International Israel Affairs VP