How to Be A Positive Role Model

By Joshua Bienstock

On a USY board one is automatically given a title. With this title comes the responsibility of acting as a role model, but the choices you make are up to you.

Understand your power. People in your chapter, division or region will look up to you. You can choose to waste this power OR you can choose to be a genuine, positive, and constructive presence. Read on for the best ways to ensure that you are a positive role model:

  • Treat others, whether they have a leadership position or not, equally
  • Be authentic. There is not need to be fake or anyone but who you truly are. Wear who you are on your sleeve proudly and show off your passions to others. Authenticity will help those around you feel more connected to you as a person and as a leader
  • You must always be a dugma (role model) for everyone around you. That means following standards (if they apply to you), but also being aware of the influence you can have on others and making smart choices
  • Always lead by example. Be aware of others and create a positive example for them to follow

Joshua Bienstock is the 2017 International USY Israel Affairs Vice President