HaOlam Monthly: The 2020 US Election

Hey everyone!

As you probably know, election day is less than a week away – on November 3rd. As USYers, we know that we can each individually make a big impact in the world with our voices. And in this case, we have to use our voice through our vote. Voting is one of the best ways to make a contribution to our country. Obviously, not all of us are 18 yet and therefore eligible to vote, but that should not deter us from making an impact in the elections. Whether it’s through volunteering to be poll workers, urging close friends and family to vote, or raising awareness about election guidelines, YOU can make a difference!

Many deadlines have passed, but it’s possible that you might still be able to participate in this election by volunteering to be a poll worker! (And if not, look into volunteering as a poll worker in the future!) By doing so, you can assist those who participate in in-person voting. Here is a link to information on how to become a poll worker for your state. (Some states may require you to be a student poll worker, so be careful that you look at the right guidelines!) At the same time, it is incredibly important that you prioritize your health, and if you don’t feel safe staying around people for multiple hours during the pandemic, then this may not be for you.

Are you getting informed on the issues at hand during this election? It’s crucial that for every election you do research for yourself, especially from unbiased sources, about candidates’ platforms and experience. It’s up to you to make sure you’re educated!

BUT WAIT! Elections are not just about the President! If you are able to vote, or even if you’re just looking up information, it is imperative that you not only get informed about presidential candidates, but candidates that are running for state or local government positions as well. These officials are going to serve as your direct representatives, and you want to ensure that your state or city is being governed by someone you support and trust. If you want to know more about your state elections, check out this link. You can also share this information with your relatives and friends!

As the youth of America, we have a unique perspective and influence on this upcoming election because of social media. It is so easy to simply post or share election information via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.  Just like that, you have the ability to raise awareness about important deadlines and voter information to those in your inner circle. Even if you can’t yet vote, you can absolutely make an impact on this election.  We all have the power to use our voices and opinions to make a change in our world.

Here are what some USYers have to say on what voting means to them:

“Voting is so important because it gives every voter the chance to be represented and for their opinions to be heard.”  -Maddy Pollack, Seaboard USY

“Voting to me means the right to exercise our democracy and making an impact on our country.” -Sophie Scheer, Tzafon USY

“I voted in my first election this year from Israel. I filled it out in my bed in Israel and then walked to the post office with a friend a mailed my ballot. Some people might think their vote doesn’t matter, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I found the meaning in voting for more than just the Presidential election and making my voice heard.” -Austin Kaufman, USY International President

GO VOTE! (if you can!),

Anna and Jeremy

2020 SA/TO Outreach Chairpeople