Get to Know Your IEB: Zachary Greenwald

A new year means a new International Executive Board (IEB). Meet your 2019 International Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President, Zachary Greenwald!

In true USY icebreaker fashion- what’s your name, grade, chapter, region, and favorite kitchen utensil?

Zach Greenwald, 11th grade, Adath USY, EMTZA, and I love a good pair of tongs!

What is your favorite moment from your USY experience?

When I went to IC ChiTown, I distinctly remember opening session as a chaotic, moshing, mix of USYers. I stood on a chair and looked out at the entire room and saw a room full of acceptance, welcoming people, and most of all love.

Why did you choose to pursue your position on International Executive Board?

I felt I was experienced after being on EMTZA Regional Executive Board as Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President and being on USY’s International General Board as a part of the SA/TO Committee. But what ultimately inspired me to run for International SATO was experiencing “Danny Siegel” Day on Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage 2nd Departure. On this day we volunteered with two separate organizations in Israel and were able to see our impact there. This day instilled in me a passion for SA/TO I felt I could best express on International Executive Board.

What do you want to achieve this year as USY’s International Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President?

My vision this year is to help connect every USYer to SA/TO, and have an experience like mine that leads them to have a lifelong passion for helping others, even after they graduate from USY.

The advice you would give to a freshman just starting out in USY is:

Get involved in absolutely everything you see: go to chapter events, go to regional conventions, run for chapter board, apply for Regional General Board, because everything you do will bring you one step closer to falling in love with USY.

Tell us your six-word USY memoir:

EMTZA Love, Pilg 2018, SA/TO All-the-WAyTO

If you could have International Convention happen anywhere – where would it be?

Okay I’ve got a few great ones:

IC MPLS (Minneapolis), to give a shout-out to my hometown and get USY in with the EMTZA magic!

ISea, (IC on a cruise) Tropical!

ICDC, Giving USYers the ability to express themselves politically, is something that is so important to me, and it’s more powerful when we all do it together!

What does USY mean to you?

USY means so much more than a youth group, conventions, or trips across North America, Europe, and Israel. USY has created a welcoming community where I have found so many amazing friends and an accepting community of Jewish teens from all across North America. I could never imagine going through high school without my USY friends, or without the 8 hour bus rides to conventions. It’s the slightly awkward introductions that turn into loving friendships, the late night FaceTimes talking about anything but school, and the sad but fulfilling feeling you get leaving a convention that make it all worth it, and make USY what it is.