Get to Know Your IEB: Shoshana Scheinberg

A new year means a new International Executive Board (IEB). Meet your 2019 International Religion/Education Vice President, Shoshana Scheinberg!

In true USY icebreaker fashion- what’s your name, grade, chapter, region, and favorite kitchen utensil?

Hey! I’m Shoshana Scheinberg, and I am a senior in high school. I am from the Hoboken USY chapter (HOBUSY) in New Jersey which is in the Hagalil region! My favorite kitchen utensil is an egg white and yolk separator 🙂

What is your favorite moment from your USY experience?

>My favorite USY moment was at my freshman IC in Baltimore, Maryland. One night, I was standing in the massive crowd of strangers waiting for a turn to ride the elevator back to our rooms when some USYers broke out into ruach. I was hesitant to join, but I soon found myself singing along to the words of my favorite songs today. I felt instantly united with USYers that may have lived halfway across America from me. The ineffable ruach of USY made me feel absolutely at home. In that moment I knew that USY would become a big part of who I am. USY has the ability like no other community to connect Jewish teens together while embracing the beauty of religion and its values, and I feel that this moment exemplifies that perfectly.

Why did you choose to pursue your position on International Executive Board?

I chose to pursue my position in International Executive Board to impact individual USYers. This position gives me the opportunity for my initiatives to reach USYers all over America and Canada. In addition, I am excited to work with the regional Rel/Ed VPs to ensure their successes in their regions.

What do you want to achieve this year as USY’s International Religion/Education Vice President?

This year as the Religion/Education Vice President, I want to create more moments of inspired connection to Judaism for as many USYers as possible. I will create diverse opportunities to ensure that USYers can find an aspects of Judaism that speak to them personally.

The advice you would give to a freshman just starting out in USY is:

Recognize where you are. Live in the moment. As Andy from The Office says, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” Freshmen – these are the good old days. Make them count.

Tell us your six-word USY memoir:

Music playing? Shosh must be here!

If you could have International Convention happen anywhere – where would it be?

IC at Sea! I would love if International Convention could be on a cruise!!

What does USY mean to you?

USY has acted as a guide for my Jewish identity and has helped me get to where I am today. This organization has given me educational resources and leadership skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. USY has inspired me to give back to this organization that has given me so much by using religion to help other USYers feel as comfortable with their Jewish identities as I do. USY is a community that will always welcome me, a place I can always call home.