USY Alumni is proud to launch Forever USY, an alumni video history project. This initiative will help capture the stories, memories, and moments experienced by our alumni over the past 72 years. Be a part of our living history as we celebrate USY’s past, moments both big and small, and the outstanding alumni who were part of it all.

How to get started?

To celebrate our USY legacy, we have created two easy ways to video record your USY stories. Decide if you would like to record your story via OPTION 1 – Free Form or OPTION 2- Choose a Topic.


Can you recount your favorite USY moments like they were yesterday? Free Form recording is perfect for you. Ready to tell your USY story? CLICK HERE and follow the instructions in the pop up window to share your memories with us. If you run out of time, please feel free to answer any of the questions below or go back to the start and create an additional video.


Need some inspiration to spark your memory? Explore any of these special USY categories. Feel free to choose as many topics in as many categories as you’d like to help capture the core moments of your USY experience.

Celebrate the impact that USY had on you. Donate to support past, present, and future USYers.