Emma Hait

Shalom USY!

My name is Emma Hait and I’m super excited to serve on the Interim International Executive Board of USY  for the 2023 term! I cannot wait to work with USYers from all over the country to spread ruach and strengthen our amazing Jewish community! My goal is to bring USYers together to make memories and make USY the best experience possible for everybody!

I’m from Easton, Massachusetts and I am a junior in high school. I go to a non-Jewish school, but I am very active in its Jewish Affinity group!  In USY, I am currently serving as President of the South Area USY chapter, and Communications Vice President of the HaNer region! In school, my favorite classes are economics and history. The two subjects are very intertwined, and it is so cool to find connections! 

Outside of USY, I love playing field hockey, doing graphic design for multiple social media accounts, acting in plays and musicals, participating in Mock Trial competitions, and volunteering for Save the Bay!  I also love traveling. I have been on multiple teen trips to Israel, including USY’s Epic Israel trip!

I have actively participated in USY since I was a freshman in high school. I always try my best to make events as welcoming as possible for everyone, because I have made some of my best friends through USY. Being a part of USY has played a huge role in building my connection to Judaism, and I hope to help do that for other kids! One of my favorite parts of USY is definitely ruach sessions, and I hope to help other USYers learn and love ruach just as much as I do! 

I am always available if anyone needs anything, or if you’d just like to chat! Please feel free to reach out! I always love meeting new people 🙂

Emma Hait

[email protected]