15 places on the East and West coast you need to visit to up your Instagram game

1.  The rush of Niagara Falls.

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Put it on your mother's wall #niagra falls #usyeverywhere #wheelseast2015

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Covering 3,950 ft with an 120 ft drop, and more than 6 million cubic ft–or about 70 Olympic-size swimming pools–going over the edge every minute, these falls make for one 🔥 picture!

2. The mouthwatering Ghirardelli Square.


Home of world-famous Ghirardelli chocolate, the shops offer ice cream, hot fudge sundaes, chocolate, and plenty of other decadent snacks. Just remember to take a #foodie ‘gram before you eat!

3. The subterranean splendor of Ruby Falls.

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Stunning site @seerubyfalls #wheelseast2016 #usyeverywhere #myusysummer

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Located in Chattanooga, TN, Ruby Falls is America’s largest underground waterfall. With striking lighting, this hidden beauty requires #nofilter.

4. The scary amazing views at Petrified Forest National Park.

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Arizona’s Petrified Forest is a photo 225 million years in the making! Made up of petrified wood and fossils from the Late Triassic and Mesozic eras, you’ll be thankful today’s smart phones can capture its beauty.

5. The rich and the famous at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

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@hollywoodwaxmusem @hollywoodwax adventure! #wheelseast2016 #usyeverywhere #myusysummer

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With locations in South Carolina and California, this wax museum is filled with your favorite celebrity doppelgangers that are just begging to be posed with.

6. The world-renowned wonder of the Grand Canyon.

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"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend, and together we will walk through the land of Hashem." • The 4:00 a.m. wake-up was definitely worth it for the amazing view. #myusysummer #usyonwheelsbusc

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One of the wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, which stretches across 277 miles, offers spectacular views no matter what time of day. Get ready for your post to get a lot of likes!

7. The refreshing taste of the World of Coca Cola.

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Happiness @worldofcocacola #wheelseast2016 #usyeverywhere #myusysummer

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Why buy the world a Coke, when you can just get one for each of your friends at the company’s museum and flagship location in Atlanta, GA, making for the perfect, thirst-quenching photo?

8. An oasis at the Living Desert Zoo.

gurvis_ Living Desert Wheels West

9. America’s favorite passtime’s historic home at Fenway Park.

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The oldest baseball stadium in Major League Baseball, this Boston, MA staple is not only historic, but kind of beautiful. Take in a baseball game, enjoy some peanuts and crackerjacks, and hit a #homerun with this photo.

10. Romantic sunsets in Winter Park, Florida

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Beautiful Orlando sunset #wheelseast2016 #myusysummer

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Not far from Orlando, this park in the Sunshine State (Florida) is just a photogenic when the sun goes down.

11. The magnificent splendor of Bryce Canyon National Park.

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A hike a day keeps the Dr away. (Ok not realistic, unless you don’t work!) Where is your favorite place to lace up your hiking boots? Here is @jessgrambau taking it all in….. __________________________________________________ Feature selected by @sunkissedskin._ The #werutahgirls thank you for your support!! Are you a WeRUtah girl?!

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The stunning views in Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park are perfect for two things: hikes and ‘grams; #nature.

12. The dizzying height of the CN Tower.

master_gabe101 CN Tower USY on Wheels EastTravel to Toronto, Canada to see the third-tallest structure in the whole Western Hemisphere. Be ready to #lookup, because standing at 553.3 m high, the tower is so tall you might not be able to fit the whole thing into your photo.

13. Santa Monica Pier


Live that #beachlife and visit Los Angeles, California’s Santa Monica Pier for the perfect summer shot.

14. Angel Oak

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Another classic I've amped up a bit! Etsy.com/shop/CJNaturalPhotography #charlestonsouthcarolina #charleston #charlestonsc_photography #charlestonsc #angeloak #angeloaktree #historiccharleston #dailychs #charlestondaily #fortheloveofcharleston #chslove #bns_nature #bestnatureshot #fifty_shades_of_nature #fineartphotography #nature_perfection #nature_sultans #nature_brilliance #eye_for_earth #efe_nature_or_nothing #instagoodmyphoto #etsyviral #etsyhome #etsyart #etsyphotography #addictedto_nature #lowcountry #earthgallery #wallartprint

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If it isn’t clear yet, nature is pretty awesome–like this 500 year-old tree located in Charleston, SC. This shot will be the most liked photo of a tree you ever take.

15. Heavenly Zion National Park.

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Zion is expecting high visitor traffic this upcoming weekend. If you have plans to visit, you might want to consider adjusting your dates. Thank you Chris for sharing your picture with us! Photo by @chrisbyrnephotography _______________________________________ Feature selected by Amber @outdoor_siren Thanks for your support!

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Called Zion for a reason, this national park is truly paradise. With “massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that soar into a brilliant blue sky” nature has already made this Utah park picture perfect.


Seventh and eighth graders can travel to all these amazing destinations and more this summer with USY on Wheels, East or West, exploring the coastal wonders of North America!