Does Participating in Ruach Release Endorphins?

By: Alexa Johnson 

It is the Sunday morning of a kinnus, you are tired from last night’s festivities and suddenly you are asked to participate in the Ruach circle. You do not feel like participating, but decide to help out. You step into the circle and start singing and suddenly you hear everyone yelling back at you. You feel heard and uplifted.  What is the science behind this? Does ruach really produce endorphins that improve your mood? According to “The Neuroscience of Singing” published by, it does. Singing in a group increases everyone’s moods. It releases special hormones that help humans bond and even reduce anxiety. These hormones are called endorphins and oxytocin. They are released when you are doing pleasurable things. Singing together even can sync members of the group’s heartbeats. The group literally becomes united. So, the next time you are stressed out or nervous about participating in ruach, just remember that just your presence can improve everyone in the group’s feelings.