Ariel Berger

Hey USYers,

My name is Ariel Berger and I’m a member of the interim internation USY board. I’m very excited to join this board! I’d really like to unify the entirety of USY.

I’m in 10th grade from Richmond, Canada. I’m from the Richmond Or Chadash chapter. I go to a non-jewish public school and I enjoy learning about history.

Aside from USY my hobbies are playing and watching hockey (GO RAGS!). I like to spend time with my dog, we go on walks and sometimes we watch tv together. My favourite colour is baby blue and my favourite food is hot wings (Kosher of course). During the summer I go to camp Slomon schecter which I’ve gone to for 8 years, it’s my home away from home. Until late may 2023 I’m on the TRY Israel semester abroad program.

I’ve been in USY since my freshman year of highschool and I even participated in Atid and Gesher before I was old enough to be a USYer. I’ve always been close with my local synagogue. Me and my family have been going since before I was born and now I teach hebrew to elementary school kids there.

I’m always free to chat if you need, Ariel Berger

[email protected]