An Unofficial Guide to 2019 USY Regional Elections

Hey USY!

With election season just around the corner, we know that a lot of you might be feeling pretty nervous right now. In order to help make this process as smooth and uplifting as possible, we want to share our tips with you on how to deal with the upcoming elections.

While we know that some of you are spending much of your time thinking about your own election, we also know that a majority of you reading this are not running for regional board this year. Since we wanted to help ALL USYers during this election season, we decided that we’d make two guides to elections: a candidate’s guide and a delegate’s guide.


View the delegate’s guide here.

View the candidate’s guide here.


Whatever your plans are for this election season, we hope some of our tips help you navigate the exciting month(s) ahead. We say b’hatzlacha! (good luck) to all of you during your elections, we know you are all going to do amazing! Whether you are planning for President, (COMM)peting for Comm, ImAgining IA, meme-ing for Mem/Kad, getting RE(LE)aDy for Rel/Ed, or striving for SA/TO, we know you are going to do great things!