Announcing the 2019 USY International General Board

We are thrilled to announce the members of the 2019 International General Board. Thank you to everyone who applied – expect to see incredible things from these leaders!


International Convention Co-Chairs

Josh Crowley – West End Synagogue, HaNegev USY

Sophia Sloves – Congregation Beth El (Voorhees), Mizrach USY


Development Chairpeople

Ben Kane – Temple Israel (Sharon), NERUSY

Miranda Price – Orangetown Jewish Center, METNY USY


Kol D’mama Chairpeople

Ethan Rogers – Midway Jewish Center, METNY USY

Sarah Hasson – Congregation Olam Tikvah, Seaboard USY


Israel Affairs Committee

Abi Cohen – Marlboro Jewish Center, Hagalil USY

Morgan Isbitts – B’nai Aviv (Weston), HaNegev USY

Sam Gilman – Orangetown Jewish Center, METNY USY


Summer Experience Outreach Chairpeople

Lauren Krasilovsky – Temple Aliyah, Far West USY

Aleeza Hulnick – Congregation Beth Emeth, Seaboard USY

Ben Miller – Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El, Mizrach USY


NOAM Olami Partnership Coordinator

Becca Raush – Congregation Beth El (Voorhees), Mizrach USY


Religion/Education Committee

Stephen Bartell – Beth El Synagogue Center (New Rochelle), METNY USY

Eitan Weinstein – Beth El Synagogue, EMTZA USY

Lily Selznick – Congregation Anshei Israel, Far West USY


Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society Chairperson

Avi Chesler – Midway Jewish Center, METNY USY


Social Action/Tikun Olam Committee

Michael Pincus – Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach, HaNegev USY

Sarah Zipkowitz – Forest Hills Jewish Center, METNY USY

Nava Wolfish – Kehillah Beth Israel, ECRUSY

Max Walker – Beth Jacob Congregation, EMTZA USY


Membership/Kadima Committee

Ethan Gross – The Conservative Synagogue (Westport), Hanefesh USY

Yehudah Browne – BethRock USY, METNY USY

Jacob Kline – Anshe Emet Synagogue, CHUSY


USYer Connection Chairpeople

Austin Kaufman – Congregation B’nai Israel (Tustin), Far West USY

Sam Bloch – Temple Emanu-El (Providence), NERUSY


Achshav Blog Coordinators

Reena Bromberg Gaber – BUCKSUSY, Mizrach USY

Jacob Ellenbogen – MCUSY, CRUSY


Alumni Outreach and Engagement Committee

Emma Grungold – B’nai Aviv (Weston), HaNegev USY

Demi Fine – Congregation B’nai Amoona, EMTZA USY


Communications Committee

Maddy Pollack – B’nai Israel Congregation (Rockville), Seaboard USY

Benji Levine – Adat Ari-El, Far West USY

Evan Siegel – The Conservative Synagogue (Westport), Hanefesh USY