18 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend IC Baltimore

An amazing week-long program, International Convention is the biggest USY event of the year. Held in Baltimore this December 27-31, at International Convention USYers will experience an incredible, fun-filled week with hundreds of other Jewish teens. Find out why you should go to #ICBmore15 below!

1. Spend the last days of 2015 with your best friends! Why wouldn’t you want to do that? giphy

2. Show your pride and prove that your region is the best region in USY!

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3. Hugs. You’re gonna get lots of hugs.

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4. Share memories with your friends that’ll last a lifetime!

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5. Get the chance to vote for the future international leaders of USY. Let your voice be heard!

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6.  Nothing will beat the feeling of seeing your friends for the first time since you went on summer programs!

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7. Get your moves on at the biggest USY dance of the year.

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8. Come home with some awesome IC regalia, swag, and memories!

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9. Give back to the Baltimore by being your charming self in charm city!


10. You already love regional USY events. This is your chance to take everything up a notch.

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11. You’ll feel awesome being with your USY family, no matter how away you are from home.

giphy (15)

12. Participate in the absolute biggest ruach session of the year! Once that wall of energy and noise hits you, you’ll feel like you’re at a concert!

giphy (23)

13. Be a part of USY International Convention’s 65th anniversary celebration. There is lots of fun and surprises in store!

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14. Get to meet some awesome, nice Jewish boys and girls from all across the country (and Canada)!

giphy (11)

15.  You don’t want to be stuck at home alone with your parents all break.

giphy (12)

16. Help raise more T.O. money then you ever thought was possible!

giphy (14)

17. Rock out to start your morning by experiencing a musical “Shacharit Live”!


18. You’re going to have the time of your life!

giphy (21)

Think More. Do More. B’more at USY’s 65th International Convention in Baltimore, December 27-31, 2015.

Click Here to register for #ICBmore15. Sign up before September 18th to SAVE with our early bird special!

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By Tomer Langer