Social Action/Tikun Olam

Goldberg, JoeHi my name is Joe Goldberg and I am honored and privileged to serve as your 2014 Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President! I hail from the EMTZA Region, specifically from B’nai Amoona USY (BAUSY) in St. Louis, where I have lived my entire life. I am beyond ecstatic to have this phenomenal opportunity to promote social activism throughout North America as the IEB strives to make USY the best we possibly can!

My primary goal this year is to work with my IGB and Regional SA/TO VPs to inspire meaningful, accessible, and exciting SA/TO programs demonstrating to USY how we each can truly make a difference. We are the ones that have the power to save the world, so we just need to take a stand. We will change the way USYers view Social Action and Tikun Olam. After this campaign, every USYer will have their own story and turning point of when SA/TO spoke to them and they became inspired as social activists. We will create a cultural change in USY that holds chapters and regions to plan and implement quality, motivational, and inspiring SA/TO projects that promote what we stand for.

In order to implement this social change throughout USY we will begin my uniting our voices. We will together choose one Social Action/Tikun Olam theme that speaks to our generation and focus on this theme throughout the year. Feel free to vote for your cause here:

After last year’s success, we will implement Operation 54,000, a volunteering campaign for USY. Each chapter and region will encourage their USYers to be participating in social action opportunities. Each person will log their volunteer hours into an online database to visually see the amount of hours we as USY are volunteering in the world, essentially seeing the impact we are making globally. Our goal will be to reach a total of 54,000 hours volunteered by USYers across North America!

Operation 54,000 and our SA/TO theme will culminate in a 613 Tikun Olam Day. USYers in every region and chapter will come together to participate in a social action project centered on our theme. Educational material for discussions as well as finding regions projects and activities will be coordinated by me for this day.

Finally it is time we redefine the meaning of SA/TO in USY. Social Action is more than sitting through a project; it is taking a stand through advocacy and action. Tikun Olam is not just about donating money; Tikun Olam is “repairing the world” by working together as a unified community to make a difference in the lives of others. The NEW focus of SA/TO in USY will be on advocacy and action. It is time for SA/TO to beef up and stand up.

Feel free to reach out to me at any point throughout the year with questions, concerns, or ideas. I’d love to hear them.

Yours Truly,

Joe Goldberg
2014 International USY Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President

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