Israel Affairs

Shalom USY,

I am Eli Collin Krule and I am so excited and honored to serve as your 2015 International Israel Affairs Vice-President.

I currently live in Buffalo Grove which is a suburb of Chicago in the CHUSY Region. I am proud to say that USY has instilled in me the ציון אהבת (love for Israel) that drives me to advocate for the country I love so much.

I am beyond thrilled to serve as the IA VP this year because it combines my two favorite things in the whole world, Israel and USY. This upcoming year, I will strive to bring the same love for Israel that USY has given me over the years to each and every person throughout the 17 regions. I will work with the Israel International General Board and my regional counterparts to bring to you all the biggest and the best Israel programming to ensure you all have a unique connection to the land I love so much and is essential to Judaism.

I look forward to having an amazing and productive year with all of you and love Israel just as much as I do. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at and Facebook message me whenever!

B’Ahava V’Am Yisrael Chai,

Eli Collin Krule

USY International Israel Affairs Vice-President 2015


For Israel program ideas visit the Program Bank and look under 2008-11 Chapter of the Year Nominated prorgams of excellence as well as the Israel programs section.