Israel Affairs

Weinstein, AriShalom USY! My name is Ari Weinstein and I am honored and ecstatic to spend this year as your Israel Affairs VP. I am a proud Minneapolitan and member of BERUSY in Emtza Region USY, and I had an incomparable summer on USY Israel Pilgrimage/Poland Seminar 2013. My experiences in Israel made a huge impact on me, and I’m excited to share what makes Israel special, as well as why it’s imperative that we stand up for Israel, with you this year.

This year, your regional Israel Affairs Vice Presidents and I will be bringing you awesome Israel-oriented programming that brings Israeli culture to you: Israeli film festivals, Israeli dancing, Iron Chef inspired by Israeli Cuisine; the possibilities are endless. Name your passion, and regional Israel Affairs VPs can point you to dozens of successful programs.

I also feel education about and advocacy for Israel is important to USY. This year, we’ll be sharing information about Israel and tips on how to be an Israel advocate through various media. Definitely stay tuned to our Chaluzton blog for great articles written by USYers!

I can’t wait to spend this year learning about Israel and celebrating Israeli culture with you all. It will be m’uleh, excellent!

B’ahava (with love),

Ari Weinstein
2014 USY Israel Affairs Vice President

For Israel program ideas visit the Program Bank and look under 2008-11 Chapter of the Year Nominated prorgams of excellence as well as the Israel programs section.